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The method of mix design of fly ash concrete at early age

 The design method of ratio of twentieth Century since 50 fly ash concrete mixture ratio design of our country is according to the common concrete mix proportion design method of common with fly ash concrete at early age. When used to replace cement with Coal Grinding Mill Plant weight, this method is now called it the equivalent substitution method or simple substitution method. The mix design method is actually the use of fly ash Portland cement concrete, the concrete mixing fly ash and cement mixing together as fly ash Portland cement, and then calculating the ratio of concrete mix in absolute volume method.

The main purpose of the initial promotion of fly ash concrete is saving cement, but also can improve some performance of concrete in some extent.Fly ash mill . Fly ash mill is a kind of fly ash grinding equipment. Such as improving workability, reduce the concrete temperature rise, improve the lean concrete compactness etc.. But in the 28d age, fly ash concrete equivalent to replace the fail and not replaced the ordinary cement concrete strength requirements, and some concrete performance and reduce. The percentage reduction of Gold Ore Crusher For Sale concrete compressive strength is the equivalent of 28d substituted generally close and fly ash percentage. For example, the amount of fly ash is 30%, the 28d compressive strength of fly ash concrete is reduced approximately 30%.

If the application is the poor quality of fly ash, in the content is greater than 30%, the more the content of fly ash, the greater the strength reduction percentage. At the same time, such as with the 28d age of fly ash concrete specimens for comparative testing of performance, it is not difficult to find, it has lower early strength more, shrinkage, low elastic modulus, creep value, frost resistance is poor, disadvantage of poor carbonation resistance etc.. Mix design of fly ash concrete way, is to fly ash as an inert filler material, instead of cementitious material, fly ash is used to dilute the gelling properties of cement, so only in accordance with the amount of fly ash mixed cementitious materials roughly estimate the strength value, and then press the water cement ratio and strength relation the principle of mix design of concrete.