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Ultra fine powder vibrating screen lead coating industry

 Paint use has a long history, including natural formation into use, coating industry of the film material and synthetic resin coating production of three stages of development the development of traditional coating. Jaw Crusher Spare Parts is a new coating a rise of modern. It is a kind of solid powder coating, with no solvent, no pollution, Recyclable, environmental protection, saving energy and resources, reduce labor intensity etc.. The powder form determines the processing equipment of it, must have fine processing capacity. Screening equipment and the emergence of super fine vibration sieve is accompanied by the rise of powder coatings.

The vibrating screen is widely used in powder coating production line.Common powder coatings including thermoplastic and thermoset, is composed of special resin, filler, curing agent and other additives are mixed according to a certain proportion, heat extrusion and crushing and sieving workmanship. In the powder coating production, this Diesel Engine Jaw Crushers of super fine production material sieve can withhold the clumps, large particles and fibers and debris not soluble powder coatings, achieve fine sieving and filtering of the powder coating, powder coating to ensure the quality of. This ultra fine materials vibration sieve is a kind of fine powder vibrating screen, product processing and quality inspection is very suitable for powder coating production line.

Shanghai Zenith accumulated years of experience in processing crushing and milling, processing device for coating industry also attaches great importance to. Fine powder vibration sieve machine Zenith equipped with various mesh screen, which can achieve high precision, high mesh sieve. The discharge port can 360 degrees of random adjustment, to achieve convergence devices with arbitrary direction equipment. A variety of screen cleaning device, the screen through the net rate, convenient cleaning.

Combined with the paint industry powder is more exquisite, the better the effect of coating film, the standard coating is smooth and delicate, a fine powder Zhenchang Lei screen followed by the development of the industry trend. At present, the national standard about powder coating industry system is not perfect, and the international market of large suppliers have carve up the world, therefore, considering the development situation at home and abroad, in powder coatings sieving equipment production, Zenith in strict accordance with the screen international standards for production, ensure products in line with international standards, to avoid by green barriers restrictions in the international market.